• Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Completed: December 2019
  • Building Area: 12,965 sf
  • Client: Hollyhock Apartments, LLC

  • 2020 Residential Architect Design Awards, Multifamily Housing, Honorable Mention

The Hollyhock fosters a micro-community for its residents as it integrates within a historic neighborhood. Located in the Arcadia neighborhood in the foothills of Camelback Mountain, which includes notable homes by Frank Lloyd Wright and Al Beadle, the Hollyhock stands in an area with car-reliant, low-density development. The family who owned the half-acre infill site asked Studio Ma to help them develop an eleven-unit rental townhome complex. While the construction budget was low, thoughtful site planning and building massing create an enclave. Regionally appropriate sustainable design reduces carbon, water, and energy impacts.

The pleated facades of the townhouses face toward each other and form a small commons.

To address another regional issue – the hot and dry climate in the desert’s summer months — Studio Ma relied on passive and regenerative design principles, such as heavily insulated perimeter walls, orienting windows to avoid direct summer sun, and extending roofs to shade walls. These tactics mitigate the region’s abundant sunlight while making use of prevailing breezes. Consequently, energy and water consumption are lowered while keeping interiors comfortable. Energy and water use are further lowered through Energy Star lighting and appliances, low flow water fixtures, and desert friendly landscaping.

The elevated urban design, character, and environment achieved by Studio Ma creates a small ‘village’ aesthetic while masterfully prioritizing privacy, views, and open floorplans. We could not be happier, the results are stunning and the design maximized the property’s potential.

Marianne Cracchiolo-Mago, Partner, Hollyhock Apartments LLC